MY OPEN LETTER TO KANYE WEST: Bruh if what someone says makes you take drugs, get lipo etc… if anyone makes you “scared” relating to your vision, YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE ISSUE. Don’t blame someone else for your own failed self esteem!? You’re talented and opinionated, and (overall) I believe we love your energy. But your main issue? Is that you think you matter. You think that what you say matters in the universe. It doesn’t. When you leave, there will be a few soundbites in your wake. There may be a school program, a food dish and a couple books named after you. But thats not gonna shake the earth, solve starvation, homelessness or poverty. Kanye you are but a mustard seed in the bigger universal equation of haves and have-nots. Except, that you speak, act and likely think that you own the milkyway. Bruh, get back to the music. Fuq what anybody says about you. What, if they say you can’t see straight you’re going to dig out an eyeball? Miss me with the bullshit, Yeezy. Get your life right get your mental right and stay in the game as we love to see you. Yeah we love to see you go off the hook but please be clear that it ends there. And it’s getting played; your rants on tv and on stage are boring me. And trust that we are not in control of your physical fitness, your mental health or your spiritual health. Man up bro because all of that other shit you say is just entertainment. Don’t let it crossover and takeover your real world; the kids, the family, your well-being. Peace


AND ONE MORE THING… Kanye brought attention to “400 years” which goes deeper than just indentured servants and wanting to stay on the land that we tilled and picked cotton on. Its deeper than “wanting to stay” He’s bringing todays arrogance and attitude to a time when we didn’t have the tools, know-how, etc to fight back against whips, chains, guns, and most importantly THE LAWS which made us “property” and which “kept” us locked down to plantations, owners, masters and such. You sound pretty brilliant, and we likely both enjoy Kanye’s music. But I think we’d both agree that dude needs a history, some mentorship, a drug program, or ALL OF THE ABOVE

Dear Carl Hancock Rux:
Kanye will make lemonade out of this. We must remember that his poetry… his energy, his randomness is what evolved him into an even bigger superstar. We must also be responsible African Americans and look after our own, especially the ones who are mentally challenged. You say you gave up on him years ago, which tells me you agreed with him early on and up to a point. As much as I also admonish Kanye for his “stuff”, I realize that we are all still bouncing back from those 400 years. We are all dealing with post traumatic stress disorders. We are all disconnected/part of a failed people who are in need of TLC; some of it in the form of Tough Love. Some of it in the form of chinchecks, Kanye wasn’t this reckless before life got to him. And maybe it’s me but I don’t want to throw away our folks/especially the ones with value. Let’s talk about how we’re gonna get him better. Love ya Carl. I still want to produce a video for you!

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