Outliving The Batman, Thoughts by Relentless Aaron

Whenever someone passes away, someone who is well known and who may have been in our faces for decades... someone such as the icon we knew as Adam West #Batman, how can you do anything less then question your own mortality, your own meaning and purpose in your existence here on this rock we call earth. If you're not doing that then you are otherwise uninterested. Or maybe this particular celebrity never touched you and your present generation. But no matter the time, we all grow into awareness at some point, leveraged with maturity, balanced inside of wisdom, or else just a blur of experiences and reckoning. Some of us merely exist, awaiting our dissolve. You can see this in the wee hours of the morning on the streets of Atlanta where people lay on the ground, unbothered along sidewalks and highways. Yes those people have indeed given up. Mirroring the ugly side is The excess of life. How we horde material items and flaunt them as an expression of our colors, our interests, our guilt, greed or favor.

Yes there are those of us who will be applauded on stage before the crowds, acknowledged just because we cast our imaginings on someone; revered because we've seen a piece of ourselves on the screen. Or we've heard it cleverly weaved across beats and melodies.

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batman+dies adam+west

And still, we are faced with the same question: what does it all mean? Some of us cry along the way. Some of us laugh along the way. Some of us hurt along the way. Some of us Inspire along the way. Which ever path you choose, however you see it, we all reside on this same rock, weighing in with our own sentiments, attachments, equities and our pace; all of us no better than the other, forced by gravity to keep in time with its movement and revolutions.

Yes I'm Outliving Batman, be it in my own time-zone, my own flavor and destiny... searching for my own meaning. But In a way, I see Adam West's 88 years as a time-stamp on all that we've been clobbered with: the weather of politricks. The storms of slaughtered soles. The calamities upon the earth's body. And how we all just muddle along making our own noise, righteous or repenting. Wicked or wonderful. Broadstroking or breathtaking what life is delivering. Batman's exit can be irrelevant and pass you by until you catch it from someone else you treasure and trust, or else this is a good time for a wake-up call for your re-positioning on your own journey, your own blueprint and chartered course here in this space and time.

I am the Batman...

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