This is But A Test of the Emergency Broadcast System

This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. You will arrive at the Atlanta Greyhound station with your woman and child. You will do a Google search for a room rental and because most other options are too expensive, too far, or sold out, you will call us with the anticipation that we will solve your issues.

We have just one room left, suitable for a single adult, or a couple that wouldn't mind sharing the same bed. But the room is certainly too small for 3 people. Moreover, someone called just 20 minutes earlier and swore he'd be here to take this last room, and so... You will inquire as to availability. When I explain that we cannot accommodate you, you will then ask "how far are you from the Greyhound Bus Station?" I will look at my phone as if it has suddenly lost it's mind, but then I will explain to you kindly: "Sir, it wouldn't matter how far we are from the Greyhound because, as I mentioned, we cannot accommodate you." And I will then say, "Thanks for calling and good luck," before I gently hang up the phone.

Before I write this commentary I will need to ask myself: "Sir, why do you put up with these engagements on a daily basis?" But then I'll answer myself and say; "Bruh, you know you gotta pay these bills until they're all satisfied? You know you need to keep making money as a life-requirement?" But just when I'm about to argue with myself, I hear: "Now shut your trap, get these thoughts off your shoulders and get your ass back to work...sir"


Much Needed music break. Please, and thank you


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