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Okay one more post then DINNER! Today I was given a case of ‪#‎Skittles‬ it reminded me of an ex-girlfriend who was "out of practice" in her "brainstorming" 😂 so word has it that to get her "mind right" she had to exercise by eating Skittles??? So she suggested I bring home a few bags from the supermarket. See? And you wonder why my shit ain't all the way screwed on! ‪#‎gonnasavethesefortherightwoman‬ Lmfao



Okay so I had my own rant today as well! Lol I only peeked at the debate! You see...

I want my "I Survived Camp Trexler" t-shirt!

Lol I think that will be the name of the book tho... Maybe it will be some sort of inspirational book about this scar...
Just yesterday I was in the Jacuzzi and touched my fingers to my eyebrow. I'm amazed that even at 50 years old I can still feel "the scar" left from my adolescence. I couldn't help thinking about how very close that rock came to taking my eye out and how I might have lived a lifetime with one eye. God was with me that day that those White Trexler campers chased me and threw stones at me... God didn't control how it happened, nor did God prevent the racial slurs... God didn't even step-in to tell these kids "STOP! Behold, this young man's mother is Lorraine/the camp nurse, a woman who is there to fix your cuts, to sooth your colds and to ease your headaches. Why now do you choose to attack this young man with stones, as a group... Your Christian Brother?" Sigh... Take a Black kid out of the inner-city and match him with boys from other worlds and this is what it is... So many lessons learned from summer camp. Glad I left with all my faculties. Being "stoned" has happened at every level of my life tho! I realize I'm "different" I do things different than others, I'm never on the same page and I always get different results. So then this can't be entirely about Trexler or the racism of the day (not this book, anyway), but more of that realization that being cut from a different cloth... That sense of knowing: "hey I embrace my being "different" but too, i'm glad I realize (in time to save my own life ‪#‎prevention‬) that my walk in life always comes with a different set of rules, successes and even ultimate consequences. My walk in life is random and unscripted, so-against the grain that there is jealousy and envy to cope with. My walk in life has lead to pursuit of peace and peaceful measures and the delicate balance when my brain and its cohort (my mouth) decide to shake the room. If only I could've learned to be humble and non-confrontational at a younger age; if only I knew wisdom, I may have avoided so much pain. But in the overall landscape photo, I did not do too bad if I was able to keep both of my eyes, all of my teeth, all of my bones and half a brain. I Survived Camp Trexler!

Screenshot 2015-12-17 16.23.06

While Monique Presley (Cosby's lawyer) is very outspoken, good with the mouth, she can't clean up his mess. Coz is going down in history as "the funniest serial rapist ever" everyone has their conspiracy theories, but you can't change what happened and how he has addressed/ignored/ engaged in the activity. Laughing about it on Larry King, incorporating it into his Cosby Show storyline... Admitting to it in court documents. Now if you want to argue whether or not the act of "doping" or "slipping a Mickey" to someone was "acceptable" back in the day-versus how it's seen today/that's a good argument. But if you're gonna ignore these women and their horrors... ‪#‎missmewiththatshit‬ ‪#‎signedsealeddelivered‬



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