If you think about it, most any rejection or experience has been for the good, whether you messed up accidentally or you were intentional about your choices or direction. Either way, it has always turned out to be that next level of your life. Think about it; we’ve all had those ratchet, foggy areas of our lives where we said or did something that we later regretted. What we did or said made no sense, to either of us. We even wanted to take it back. We wanted a do-over. I can picture a number of love relationships where this happened, and I hate to be the one who has remained consistent, only to find she has mucked up her life, or where she’s now at a dead end. I mean, all I can do is shrug! Who told you to make such a decision? Are you so blind that you couldn’t see the blessing before you? No worries tho! Someone else has! I’m using my own scenario to east light on a situation, no matter what kind of relationship took place. It could even be your business partner. Regardless,, there is positive in that situation. It could be that you learned a hard or soft lesson which could even save you from a greater calamity down the road with your next partner. It’s not even necessarily a bad decision, it’s just is the decision you made. “It is what it is.” Isn’t that the catchall? And no matter what, you’ve gotta still believe, have faith, march forward, figure out how this pivot will work in your favor. For God sakes, don’t be the next Worldstar video, lead down the perp walk but for your sour choices.

For me, I can name dozens of rejections that have earned me nothing but success.  And so maybe this post is an affirmation to myself… A reminder, if you will, that rejection and neglect and even straight fuckery has lead to nothing but good karma. I can count the many people who’ve approached me later only to say I was wrong about you. I listened to so-and-so and it was a mistake. I can only shrug at that point, because time stands still for nobody. You just got in your OWN way; blocked your OWN blessings.

But the naked truth is we did not belong. It wasn’t meant to be. I’m gonna go with, “God makes no mistakes,” even if that’s just cliche and subtle a way to say SMH.

Y’all carry on now. And stay Relentless.

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