When Murphy Comes Callin’

So here’s the thing, when Murphy comes calling, you will have no clue from which direction he comes, at what time of the day, or with how much intensity. But know this: Murphy is coming. In fact Murphy sometimes wears a disguise, impersonating a best friend, even a part of that friend's dilemmas. All of the sudden your friend's dilemmas interrupt your flow. And that’s Murphy at work.

I’ve gotten so used to Murphy visiting me that I no longer get discouraged or frightened, nor do I panic. It has become a learned process to just enjoy how this dude continues to try to knock me down. But I’ve become so skilled at bouncing back that I feel I know Murphy personally. I feel when he comes around it’s to humor me. It’s to try me. It’s to test and challenge the man that I am. Murphy comes and throws a wrench in your plans. Murphy comes and delays the greatest resources in your life. Murphy is all up in your veins and can cause illness when you least expect it. Murphy’s in your bank account and in your relationships. Murphy is entirely knowledgeable of your vehicle and how its performing; the warnings BEFORE the warnings are on his list.

I guess what I’m saying is that life has its ups and downs and it’s not a matter of if the downs are coming it’s when.

So the downs are coming, and you must prepare, you must be vigilant, and you must bounce back. Murphy, wherever you are, whatever you’re wearing, wherever you’re hiding, just know that I’m here to stay, I already wupped you dozens of times and I'm still here! And that I know you’re in charge of the chaos? So you're in plain sight! But I am in charge of how I react, and I’m expecting you and I’m ready to have more fun next time around. BRING IT!


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