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Okay so I have a confession: yes! I’ve known this artist FOREVER! He’s an old friend from Mt Vernon, NY. We lived blocks from one another. I’ve been to his family home in the Vernon, as well as here in Atlanta where he nests his new family. So when moving here to Georgia was a reality… when showing the world I had “the stuff” was a necessity, My buddy Eric (smartly known as “E”) stepped to the plate and we made it happen. However, the backstory to this music video is bananas…

Keoshia and R&B singer/songwriter/producer Eric McCain right before we began shooting the music video for “I LIKE THE WAY YOU DO ME”
Damn. She look good, even before we gettin started? Somebody STOP her! — with Keoshia Abrams. TIE DESIGNER Thomas Allen fixing Keoshia’s tie.
The dream home that we used in Alpheretta was secured the night before when Eric & I were suddenly invited by the homeowner. “Oh, we happen to have a filming here tonight. Come on up.” An hour later, we were mingling at a black-tie affair…the next morning, 7am I was hard at work…

As a sidenote: the housewives filmed this episode/segment at the same house, the night before. I was there at the end of their shoot to meet some of the ladies and to qualify the location for our filming

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