Casting Call – WhoGonnaCheckMe Film

Audition today: 9am @ 1012 south main st, CONYERS ha 30012
9am Saturday casting and Rehersal done by noon
Marie just hit it big time. She had the 188 million dollar winning ticket for the Powerball drawing. Suddenly, her 4 kids, the trailer home and the searching for a job were an old life she'd never see again. Her new life was one she planned right there on Good Morning America: "I'm gonna first give 10 percent to my church. Then I'm gonna set up my kids education." From that point on she had the sentiment of the American public. "She's blessed." "She's deserving." But soon the demons of her past emerged; the jealous cousins. Her baby-father's criminal mind and the actions, the law enforcement and consequences that came with it. The attack seemed to be never-ending.
Casting is set for Saturday morning 9am. This is my biggest project to date. I'm super excited about everyone's support. You all are amazing, from the co-writers, to the hungry actors and the folks who are granting us locations. I'm humbled, I'm grateful and ITS ON! ‪#‎whogonnacheckme‬
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She can buy her way out the hood, but the hood won't let her be. Casting Saturday morning 9am 
MARIE Holmes - 26 
(Looking to cast)
Marie's Mom -Shelly Mzwall st
Hot Sauce (done/already cast) Marcus Lewis
Friend of Hot Sauce - Victor age 25
Side chick - Nicky age 20
Ratchet Outspoken Cousin - Tiffany age 23
Preacher - Already casted
GMA Reporter - Age 40 - 45
Street Reporter - female age 30
2 probation officers
We're also looking for neighbors as well as some customers

4 Kids ages 2/3 to age 7/8
Extras/family - need various extras

Also looking for a dancer who has various skills; hip hop, freestyle, praise, etc

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