I realize you want more appeal, and that you wanna be more popular than anyone else in your stream. But it’s time for some real-talk.

But before I bust your ass, I need you to know that I love you, that you’re important to me, and that I see you well into the future as a mom, as a leader, and as an accomplished attribute to society.

A cautionary address to IG Vixens from novelist Relentless Aaron

There you go gurl, showing cleavage and ass, fishing for acceptance, stares, and  affection… you’re looking at all the other IG Vixens for ideas and clue (following the leaders)  on how you-too can get the views. If that doesn’t work, you shed a little more clothing. If that doesn’t work, you get naked. If that doesn’t work… yeah, this is you, pretty lady. You want the “likes” the “followers’ and “comments,” and you’ll go as hard as possible to stake that claim. Maybe you can even get someone to crush on you. Or you can convince an admirer to take you out on a date; or even lay with you for money. Yup… escorting, if you’re not already doing this, its coming, right? And imagine that whole process is endorsed by the others you see practicing it… imagine that this path you’re following has been promoted over and over again until you were brainwashed with it, until you’ve now adopted this process as your own. So you’re about to strip on the Gram, right? Wait, what? I’m opening your eyes? You mean, there’s the option for change here?

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YOU’RE TELLING YOURSELF: But if everyone’s doing this then isn’t it alright to do? Isn’t it the thing to do??”Or you’re thinking, “getting likes and follows and comments is everything!” Well, Ms. IG Vixen, at some point in your life, like, before you had breasts, your parents or guardians were likely holding you accountable for how you dressed or how you acted in public. Now you’re slippin out from under their watchful eyes with your slick, private IG account. If daddy hasn’t caught you already, and brought that leather belt to your ass… you may have escaped and ran away or just moved out altogether with the help of a boyfriend. Really? A BOYFRIEND over that good home cookin, that comfortable bed and 24-hour surveillance? This was your better choice? Your parents were paying for electricity, the food bill, you could do your laundry whenever, a nice yard and free wifi… they were sincerely caring for you, not doing what you’re boyfriend is doing; looking for the convenient hook-up, the partnership and affirmation of his low self-esteem-havin, miserable existence. Those parents love you unconditionally until you piss them off. And you gave all that up for your so-called “freedom” and “independence.” Now you struggling lil gurl, your boyfriend got the best of you and you’re hustlin to stay awake at one job. drivin Uber (no shade) as a side-huslte. Meanwhile, your “man” ain’t workin no more but doesn’t mind holding the cellphone to take those sexy pics of you for your social media.

Your boyfriend is becoming another “Safaree” affirming and controlling your free time where you try and look sexy on IG, playin with cigarettes, Black & Milds or Hookah smoke, tryna be cute but basically marketing yourself to highest bidder.

And the bidders are out there lookin at your weak-ass love affair, waitin like vultures to swoop in and play captain save-a-hoe the moment you post some shit like, #teamsingle or #fucklove with your latest nude booty-shots.  Some of you aren’t in the most extreme danger… some of you aren’t falling for that latest DM and the lure of money and compassion. Some of you are still trying to keep some scruples about you, not necessarily doin the most… you don’t wanna show too much. You don’t wanna offend those who are within your immediate surroundings/maybe your coworkers, and maybe even those who might catch on indirectly. Maybe someone is recording this moment on their phone, with their eyes… and by default, there’s always that God almighty screenshot or repost that can indict and convict you. God forbid that your preacher, pastor, employer or mother in-law catch on to your shenanigans.

As a matter of fact, unbeknownst to you, did you know your daddy and your preacher are both salivating? Of course they are. They’ve already seen you “loose” or they’ve imagined you naked. Do you have any idea that these men who are your brothers, uncles and fathers are living out these taboo illnesses in their minds? That they’re thinking of you in their wildest dreams?

Do you realize that porn clips exist where men and women pretend to be father/daughter, brother/sister, German Shephard and (nevermind)… yuck! Or even married; even as they fuck the women they signed up for? Yes, yes, yes, the unbalanced man can even be married and still have this wandering lust for you. Sick? Of course not. Because the President even makes this “okay” as he lusts after his daughter on the world stage. Weird. Sick. Pathetic. Of course it is.

But it doesn’t negate the fact that these soft porn activities in the mainstream are part of the gas in the tank of lust, and that lust is the illness underlying all the so-called bad crimes we’ve seen from WoodyAllen, to RKelly, to PeeWeeHerman, to all the Catholic Priests, (yeah, all of em), to the female cougars, all the way thru to the newscasters, film producers, singers, rappers, ball players and (again) 2 out of 3 past Presidents. That’s right, Trump is fuckery at its best, but tricky-Dick-Bill Clinton ran a close second.

And to the men: Is there someone to answer to or to hold you accountable for this behavior, if not God? Do all men who lust and who allow their imaginations to soar deserve a straight jacket? A prison sentence? A public stoning? Shit, are they still stoning women for adultery in Afghanistan? Perhaps all punishment is subjective to who’s been hurt and what rules have been broken. But back to you, Vixen; set aside all of the misbehavior that’s going on, there’s another set of you women who just don’t give a fuck/on numerous levels. You label your promiscuous activities as “unapologetic.” And if anyone speaks out against it, or if they try and check you, they are so called “slut-shaming.” Everybody has an answer for everything to defend their every action no matter from which direction it comes. In the end, we all can find some sort of justification for our actions or our inactions, covering everything under the sun.

Only in the courtroom will you find that nobody gets a pass for choices made, for actions or misbehaviors, especially if it goes too far past a certain threshhold.

Still the reality of “the lure” is there, and too many of us are fully engaged on both ends of the stick. Too many men are feeding into and serving, saving and subsidizing these platforms whether it’s secretly in their bathrooms or outwardly at the local strip clubs. Shit, Hooters didn’t drive the content right to your welcome mat? This is the world of tits and Ass, you fucking prudes! Grab em by the pussies and you can still be President you stuck-up bastards!Yes, this dude’s money, power and respect has purchased the world’s ethics and morals, before hanging them out in the backyard to dry. We are all now in the “spin cycle,” with women seeing IG as their platform to perform, to undress, to entertain and (naturally) to earn money with their God-givens. They are going through so much to manifest attention and interest, or the extremes of conquering something or someone for sex, gifts or even a job. The whole allure… the whole IDGAF “savage-attitude” with the mask and the representative has evolved from the days when “looking presentable” was enough, to what is now 24/7 hardcore porn in the workplace, on the radio, on the music streaming services, on television and in yo face via the internet.

If you’re a guy, and you’re not married, or there’s no one woman in your life who is rocking your world during your available recreational time, then you my fickled, fellow friend are being mind-fucked on the regular. However, this does not set the standard for all men. This temperature doesn’t require that you give-in to the temptations. It does however require that you be strong enough to turn away if its not your thing. You can block, unfollow, and even fill your cup with other content such as motivational videos, some great free podcasts on itunes, and there’s always a good self help book. (Remember those?) And too, If there is a woman, kids, a family, a purpose and a daily agenda to impregnate a man’s attentions with fulfillment, satisfaction and all the joys that come with that package, then (in theory) that man is content with what he has, who he has and how he has it. Moreover, if that man is not content, satisfied and occupied with the sensations of life, he may just be left to pursue the natural order of things. Meaning, we are hunters by nature.

Sometimes I think people forget that. We forget we’re hunting for food, acknowledgement, success, goal
achievement, hormonal balance; not necessarily in that order. Sometimes I think people ignore the human instinct and the need for people to be psychosomatically balanced.

After all, time and again we are reminded that psychosomatic imbalance can lead to the worst that can happen. Tension, anxiety and frustration are the worst that can happen. And should that be the reality for a police officer who’s high-risk job follows him back to his house… you know, that “boring” life contained in what we’d like to believe as the comforts of home… or if not that, this same reality of imbalance can drive other men to drink (and get drunk) on Porn, on food or on some other unhealthy tension-relieving activity. And aren’t we reminded enough as we watch the 6 o’clock news to see who that next single man-turned lone gunman is? Aren’t we numb to the mass shootings and testimonies from neighbors who repeat that same old melody “we had no idea he had so many guns in his home…” “ there were no red flags to let us know that he was so dangerous…” “we never saw any indications… was so nice.”

And that is the same old song, time after time, seasoned with bloodshed, random violence and certain tragic loss. All of it captured on your boob-tube for you to absorbe as an aside to your dinner entrée’.

Please don’t get me wrong, we are all voyeurs to some degree. We’re stopping on the thruway to see who got pulled over, who’s caught in that over-turned vehicle or who that is in handcuffs… we’re curious and hungry enough that we’ll put our own lives in danger/slaves to our instincts. And the moment our eyes connect with our brains there is a signal sent to assess what we see, hear or sense. And our response to said temptations is to either submit and surrender or block, bypass or altogether avoid. There is a level of discipline, focus and even intention that plays a significant role in how we see things and what we do or don’t do any response. This is not to rationalize a man’s actions or reactions, but it is the framework that we practice day after day and year after year. Not only discipline but maturity also plays a major role in how we assess what we face.

The reality is that this is a real struggle, a challenge and a problem for some who don’t have the information, who don’t wear the Teflon, or who are not built with disciplines, patience, options or practices that can offset this very real imbalance.

Part of this is also one’s happiness, joy or peace of mind. You either have it or you don’t and hopefully you are working on this issue. Most of us do not have the happiness joy and peace of mind because we are not achieving our dreams that are at times unrealistic and out of reach in the first place. Our dreams are many times crafted for us and projected at us as if that is the thing to do and be. Not enough science, math and literature in our daily diets. Instead we’re injected with stimulants like these visual playmates. Yes, you Ms. IG Vixen with your nose-ring and smoke swirls.

Your presence is becoming all-too-common and you’re blending in with all the others, all of you being pigeonholed and categorized however wrongfully. You wanna be a queen, then ACT like a queen. But if not…

Have you become part of the audience who sees the luck that others have enjoyed and now you’re suddenly and silently hurting inside, knowing that your clock is ticking and that your hopes and dreams are fading further and further away? Or are you being patient, doing the homework and mastering your craft so that you’ll be appreciated for your hard work? Are you drinking, druging, smoking, eating, gambling, venting, and simply making excuses? Are you focusing on the lives of others and not your own life’s goals?

Some of us go to the extreme of crying out loud or we try to shoot others down simply because they are winning and we are not. I know this is a lot to unpack in this short and long commentary, but if you think hard about the truths herein… if you dive deep into the ideas of a man’s satisfaction or lack thereof, you will see these realities mirrored before our very eyes. From the White House to the crackhouse, this is the truth underlying a man’s existence. It is not necessarily a broad stroke definition for all of us, since many of us are content and satisfied and living a life of abundance within our reach. Many of us are in the church, or spiritually grounded, or very focused on our goals, or we are exerting extreme physical endurance in our daily routines in effort to maintain that mind- body balance. Having kids, good credit and a fellowship of close friends helps us to stay focused. Deep dives into amassing knowledge, self realization and that whole allegiance with and passion for learning, reading and exploring are also ways and means to keep us engaged, peaceful and cooperative. “Be Humble” is more than a catchy rap hook when it comes to staying alive in a scenario where you face a threat, eminent danger, or dare I say death. Meditation. Prayer. Giving and taking pleasure amongst willing and able partners. Yeah, that’s the fight many face, man or woman. Yes, I’m particularly speaking about men, but I realize that women have some of these issues as well. That imbalance can also be loneliness, frustration or just “a void” that women feel in the overall scheme of things.

Is this the reason that older women hunger and hunt after a younger men, perhaps an under age young man? Not altogether true. But a number of us are twisted and don’t know the difference between right or wrong, good or bad, stank or holy. There is the mental health issue again. And there’s also a place for such people. There is therapy for such people. Some of us even live with these demons and deny the urge. We hold it at bay. We fight this fight daily up into our 50s 60s and 70s. And there’s not any one template of what to expect from a human being, when to expect it, and or the random ways in which these actions surface. Carlton Heston responds to all of this so brilliantly in his epic film The Planet of The Apes/1968. It’s so much the best and most memorable oveture ever in a film that Tracy Morgan had to reenact it in The Last OG: S1/E6


On top of all of that there is the moral or ethical standards that we adhere to, many of which are moral, generational or geographic. There are freedom of speech issues in the way. There are human rights issues clouding the atmosphere. But in your heart you know whats right, wrong and purposeful. You know what pre-Cosby looked like considering how that case was hammered into the national discussion for years, and you know what post-Cosby looks like with me-too, times-up and every other feminist hashtag locked and loaded to get a slice of that next sponsorship check. So, somethings that took place back then are not acceptable today, and visa-versa. But also, where geography matters, some things in Europe are not permitted or acceptable in the society we know as the United States; did you ever see the pimp/gigolo tv commercials that once played in Italy or the sexually-driven ones from Latin America? Have you ever seen the news they promote daily on Latin America’s Univision or the stuff on AlJazeera? It’s raw like Worldstar. It’s raw live Liveleak. Somethings that take place in Africa or India are not necessarily acceptable practices here in the United States; the multiple, docile wives for instance, the bombing aftermaths and the horrible punishment and assault that women endure if they break the sacred vows of marriage. And still some practices are hidden inside of certain religions. Maybe you haven’t studied Joseph Smith and his pop-up religion known as Mormons and that whole Latter Day Saints nonsense and how this religion and its doctrines was all set up for the sole purpose of authorizing and permitting a man to exercise having numerous wives under that very umbrella of protection and permission. But even as these practices fell apart and were inevitably “outlawed” in the 1800’s, the remnants of that culture are still alive today. I mean, what choice do folks have if children were born under that cult? But wait! Is that Jimmy Kimmel & Kanye West who just promoted PornHub on the primetime talk show??? OMG its over! No stone unturned!

Yes, darlings, promiscuity is still alive and thriving today.

For God sakes the fucking President of the United States that YOU voted into office has smashed and blurred and trampled the ethics and values of the nation and perhaps the world, making it okay for a famous person to prey on and grab on a woman’s pussy, in public… upon first meeting!

Okay my rant is thru. And to be clear, I’m not turning up my nose or shaming any of this shit; afterall, I’m a novelist that built a dynasty off of original, deception-filled, scandalous, toe-curling, jaw-dropping content. It’s just that I can’t help detailing this bullshit; how its all here in your face, in plain sight. I’mthoroughly enjoying how humans interact, counteract and misbehave and how this all plays out. Maybe I’m waiting for this Sodom and Gomorrah tale
remix; how we human beings engage in the carnal realities we are trapped within on a daily basis for all to see in all its color and flavor. I’m just on the lookout for the second coming and these 2 angels who may come and warn us about the destruction of this hot mess.👀

Naturally, I’m speaking to everyone in this commentary, and again, I love you all. But back to you IG Vixens, in spite of the hustle you struggle with everyday, I hope you’re observing cautions and avoiding the quicksand of life. Because you don’t want to make a lifetime decision but for that quick thrill. But do as you do, family.

Live & let live. Just know your choices and the potential consequences in the pursuit of your passion!



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