I am Relentless Aaron, Author, Publisher & Visionary. Many say I'm talented. Some say I'm famous. Some say I'm a genius. A few have called me arrogant. Others still call me crazy, a freak, and even "the man." I'm with all that. I love it that people are acknowledging my existance, since, otherwise (minus my talent and experience), I might not be recognized at all. Not long ago that was me. Unknown. Trying to become somebody. Today, I am blessed that so many hundreds of thousands of people have read my books. Not only have they read them, but most of them feel the same way about the work. Which to me, substantiates all my hard work. In the meantime, some of my pastimes are writing, publishing meeting people and good sex, not necessarily in that order 🙂
Welcome to my constant updates and I look forward to your generous time in adding your comments to it. I trust that it will get heated and passionate, just like the conversations
I have with readers in person.
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