Dear Wednesday

Dear Wednesday, I’ve been watching you. You’re such an ordinary dude, with that whole mysterious way about you. That whole “back & forth” control you have in our lives is so unique/so original; something like a Supreme Court Judgeship that you wear forever. And you’ve got that variety going! On one hand, we can rejoice knowing you rep the “halfway there” mark. On the other, we can feel relief in how we’re “halfway done” with whatever is holding us back or limiting us. Some people actually “wake up” as soon as you come around, while others look at you as a joke, just humpin around. For me, everyday is the same, and I already see your potential… everyday is Saturday to me (no offense), therefore I can see the possibilities of you. So, instead of trying to make sense of it all, I just thought I’d envy you this morning. Thought I’d appreciate you for your ordinary ways, but I’m with you, aspiring to be Friday ‎#extraordinary with high hopes of becoming Saturday, all in accordance with the ultimate purpose & deliverance: Sunday Yours truly, ‎#relentless — drinking coffee at Starbucks.


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