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I wasn’t as fortunate as some of you, with resources, mentorship and inbred capabilities that lead you to that place, the king of your castle, with all your kids under one roof (the way it should be), and the connectivity of a lifetime; something to carry on for generations. I didn’t have such luck. My family was mismanaged when I got here, and I adopted some of the same hot mess/even tho I vowed to be different. Sometimes the cards are just not stacked in your favor. So, on this day, while I appreciate the love and support from all those who sent me text messages, emails, inboxes/posts… there are sacrifices I’ve had to make to sustain my peace, my freedom and my legacy. And while the relationships with my children are a work in progress, I cannot take all the blame. A child has 2 parents, and I cannot control the actions of the mom; especially in the pro-female atmospheres of  government and public services. So without going into great detail I will just hope for a better future, but continue to spread love in my circles and help those who are receiving. I am selfless in that way, plus it serves as my therapy.


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