I Been Thinkin…

chicoThe area’s leading Chiropractor, the world’s biggest coffee brand, both of our area’s competing car dealerships, and now a brand just as big, if not bigger, comes knocking at my door for a proposal and the question “how much?” All this AFTER I’ve already been signed by the world’s biggest book publishers, the big clothing brands, the richest rapper and even the most credible news media. Let’s not forget our veteran movie producer. SLEEP ON ME IF YOU WANT? But I am truly blessed and I don’t take for granted any of you who I know personally, indirectly, or virtually. Thank you all for supporting and (somehow) helping me to secure these deals. #Teamconyers #TeamRelentless is coming up to bat, bases are loaded. We got the bat and the pitcher has already been paid off. YUP! The pitcher looks left, then right, the wind-up, the pitch…

Recently completed this short film project for The Godfather Wesley Hunter

Recently completed this short film project for The Doug Clack Trucking Company



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