I’m With You When You’re Loving…

alarm-clockThat's right; just as the human body (our first proprietary responsibility/means of survival & progress) is designed to mature, to impose prevention, built with certain timers and clocks and processes and 1st-responder-healing and enriching reason, so too do we affirm those obvious built-in factors by the things we think, the things we do, the people we connect with, as well as what we "take in" or "project" in the way of energy.

We affirm our own lives when we drink water, and when we bathe and clean ourselves in water.

Because our bodies are made and maintained mostly with water, it's the righteous ritual for us to feed this machine what it needs.

When our bodies come upon some sort of malady, we are designed to heal/most times without medication.

The cold or the flu we catch inevitably (by the grace of God) leaves our body. Stomach virus, headache, dizziness, all that usually leaves us on its own. If it's our own harm or error that causes us pain and suffering, whether it's a paper cut or even a broken bone, we inevitably heal. Of course this is not absolute for every single sole/not a perfect world, but for the most part this applies to you.

All of the above is supported by our environment; from the oxygen in the air we breathe, to the minerals in the rain and water we drink.

Air and water, the worlds greatest natural resources... For the most part, this is all free for all to enjoy. Apparently, LOVE is a tougher resource to get a grip on. 

Again this is not absolute but it is the reality for many of us.

Man has tried his best to maintain ownership of air and water whether it's bottling the water or containing the air. But I guess I'll call that exclusive, premium or even capitalistic behavior. In the meantime, that's normal folk can get hold of air and water. We can enjoy the surplus fruits of the world, those basic God given resources, there within our reach. Thank God also that I can speak to these realities according to the world I live in; in some ways that's geographic and in other ways it's self perpetuating. For how else could you live in peace if you're forced to survive and provide and engage while under the thumb of someone else's decisions? careerinsanityMaybe someone who you'd prefer not to follow, work for, listen to or engage with. Indeed, so many of us are working jobs that we'd rather not be working, instead of doing our life's work; instead of pursuing our goals, our dreams, our loves. Some other worlds unfortunately do not support these freedoms, and that includes geographic realities as well as those that are self-promoted. But here in the good old US of A, those of us who walk the walk of contribution, of respect and kindness... Those of us who abide by the laws set forth to provide checks and balances in our lives, whether it's laws of nature, laws of correspondence or laws of attraction; whether it's the laws in our communities, our nation and our world, what we say or do, can be, should be and in many cases already IS about surviving, progressing, and achieving. Of course there are isolated circumstances that many times contradict the availability of resources, whether it's someone choking you and preventing you from breathing the resource of air, or someone drowning you in the resource of water. or even shooting you, perhaps taking from you the resource of living. In any of these instances, there is another human being in the equation. So essentially the abundance of resources that we need to survive are there for us to enjoy, except where there are isolated, or manufactured circumstances (by other human beings) where we are denied what we need to live prosperous lives.

relentless aaron fighting men

After all this time, people still don't know how to get along, how to survive or how to prosper without hurting one another. Sometimes, alone & peaceful feels really good

But, avoiding the obvious obstacles and threats and (yes) even insulating myself from the same, is how I'm able to agree with and survive in this natural order of things. Yes indeed, I have escaped and I have learned to maneuver around the hardcore realities that randomly attack people from day to day. yes I am wise and I am living. And yes, if I want to (within reason and ability) I can do anything. This practice supports my progress and enables me to succeed on massive levels. Yes, in the past I have stepped way out of the box and I have taken risks too great to expect rational outcomes. But thank God for the opportunity we have of learning, of forgiveness and of falling and getting up.

Thank God for the possibility of leaving the past behind but to find greater rewards in righteous, well-meaning, life-affirming, respectful thought and action. In essence, thank God for maturity.

And so again I say: I'm with you when your loving. In my ever evolving journey, it is clear to me that embracing, sharing, and affirming love is the best way and the only way to treat others, to contribute and progress and, ultimately, to live my greatest life. #RELENTLESS



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