So THIS Is What A “Day Off” Is Like?


Suddenly I am taking a day off. It’s something that I can do from time to time and really has nothing to do with any schedule whatsoever. What it does equate to is early in the morning when you’re about to wake up and everything is saying “all systems go” there might be something in your body that says “roll over you deserve it!” And I honestly do deserve it. Client after client after client I am servicing a majority, folks who need my services in one way or another and everybody is a priority. Everyone is important. But the flipside to that coin is that I absolutely love what I do! In the morning I cannot wait to get to my computer, To alter and manipulate some sort of imaging that I filmed within the week. Making folks look good, broadcasting their image in the most professional polished way and doing it like nobody else can! On top of that I do have a workout schedule and other maintenance that must be done. We call that living! And in a nutshell I love my life

Yesterday a person that I’ve known for two years and change finally got to know who I am. It was clear to me that this cat did not Google me. I found myself explaining things, digging into the past whether it was concert promotion, nightclub development, magazine publishing, television production, on and on and on I rolled out my resume within a 20 minute conversation. Sometimes in the back of my mind I just wish people would do their research! Nobody got time for that! #Repeatingshit

But the other side of me says that I need to do more promotion. And I hate doing promotion/Doesn’t everyone? Once you are proven and that you have a track record, why in the world would you need to promote? Well the truth is that time has caught up to us where everything is fighting for our senses all at once. So if you are not a warrior on that battlefield, then you are either a casualty, or at least a spectator on the sidelines watching.

I came into this industry of book publishing as a juggernaut. Nobody was going to question me, nobody was going to tell me what I could and couldn’t do, and nobody but nobody was going to outdo my value and work ethic.

So the dude says to me “well why would you come down to Georgia?” And I heard the back of his mind asking ‘why are you in Starbucks?’ And I heard that other question back there: “why don’t you have a big staff and a building and a big mansion to live in?” I guess he assumed that I didn’t have all that! However, my answer to this is that people are sometimes so naïve, caught up in what they think is real and what they think is substantial. when the truth is the substance is YOU, and not necessarily the clothes you wear, the real estate you own, the toys you own, or even the amount of people you know. Your substance is you. And it doesn’t matter where you are on the planet whether it is in Georgia, New York or Portugal… Your value follows you wherever you may go. But your peace of mind also follows you wherever you may go. And folks, peace of mind is all in your mind. Yes, your surroundings do weigh heavily on your peace of mind, but ultimately that calm at the center of the storm, that space where you can inhale and exhale and imagine is all controlled by you. It’s not about how much you have that creates you but in fact it is the core of your being and what that is connected to. “Your substance.” Are you connected to people, or sports, or a certain talent…

Just where does your personal energy live? Are you improving someone’s life with your product or your service or your message? And maybe you don’t have a talent or a certain skill set; maybe it’s just in your energy, your personal power, and how that is a magnet to others.

Before you question me about why I am living the way I’m living, I suggest you may


want to question you and the struggle that you’re going through to try to be a magnet…your challenge in being recognized in this world. Okay so WHAT you have a shiny new Mercedes and maybe a note to pay. Okay you have a big house and maybe a mortgage to pay. All of those responsibilities require you to wake up in the morning and do what it is that you may not love doing. And clearly you can’t love what you’re doing if you’re questioning how I’m doing. I mean people who are so focused on the lives of others, busy criticizing and complaining about how others are living… those folks are not happy! They may not have the option I do to rollover and decide to take a day off. And if they do, they may have to back that action up with a lie!

Family I am so past lying. On the other hand, I am so into living! I am so into making other’s dreams come true by my experience and wisdom savvy and my skill set. This is who I am! So today, on my day off, my question is who are you!? #relentless

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