My Latest Activities… Service To Others

This Coming Saturday, Oct 29th is a pretty big day in this small town where I live (Conyers, Georgia).

First of all, there’s a stage play that I encouraged playwright Carolyn Christian to bring here (to Conyers, Ga) because we are “dry” where it relates to variety and entertainment. We basically have the movies and the bowling alley (for the safe entertainment). The nightclubs have facilitated melee’s or there’s a fool who owns it, and they can HAVE that ratchet experience all to themselves. Bottom line, if you don’t travel for 30 min you’ll never find the caliber of entertainment I bring to this town. I brought the phenomenal saxaphonist Mike Phillips and the legendary comedic actress Bernadette Stanis (Thelma of Good Times), amongst a host of other stars including Derwin Daniels, Mr. Jones, the amazing Azure McCall, the meistros like Mr Jones, and Gordon Elliot… there are just too many for me to spit in this quick update, but in time I will edit this list.

Meanwhile, aside from the play (and the short film I produced to promote the play), there are so many other things going on…

I’m, editing WHOGONNACHAECKME… more details about that on This is a film lonely based on the lottery winners life (in North Carolina). More on that in a minute. I’m also producing my “Relentless Aaron’s Erotic Tales” that I intend to turn into a killer web-series, all the while exercising/perfecting my filmmaking skills. We’ve already completed and released part one of that project… take a look. Click HERE) “SET ME FREE” &  “HOME INVASION” are still in motion/awaiting their place in line, but up next? LOVE BOX! We’re VERY excited about LOVE BOX, a series that unites Boxing and Love and all the complexities of the lives behind the gloves in the Relentless storytelling fashion! How can this lose!?


There have been a few other projects, but I’m on the move here. Just wanted to tell you all what was on my plate. God bless and thank you! BTW still looking for an assistant producer!

God Bless You Gene. Thanks for the good things you did for me

RIP Gene Schell, who passed away due to a motorcycle accident

Thanks for your continued support!

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