My Own Affirmation For Love

I sometimes feel we are trapped in a time and space where we are all looking for redemption and Justice and Revenge and some retaliation. Some, more than others, are so stuck in that space that they cannot grow. They embrace their victimization as opposed to diving into their future and their progress, the overcoming and the success. And here’s the thing: if you can live to get there you are more or less guaranteed to overcome. And if you work hard enough you are guaranteed some level of success and most certainly, or at least, you will progress. Naturally, there are isolated incidents that, because of our instant access to media, sort of cluster and seem trendy. But only when you open your mind and see things from other perspectives, outside of your immediate comfort zone and geography, you will realize that life for many is pretty amazing. In the end, life is what you make it. And, the way you look at life most likely directs your certain outcome.

If somebody says something that bothers us, we point fingers and  place blame. If our circumstances are not what we’d like them to be, again we point fingers and place blame, versus making the necessary adjustments for different outcomes.

We will place blame more often than shouldering responsibility! Even if it IS our fault! WHO’S THE SCAPEGOAT?

Now of course my theories are not all cut and dry and black and white and set in stone. But for the most part, I can see the rhythm nation and how many have adopted these practices.

So for sure we have been miss educated. For sure we have adopted negative practices. And I realize the cards we’ve been dealt are not all pulled from honest decks. But now that so much information has bombarded us and now that we have our own conscious and careful Analysis to weigh on the things we see, hear and experience, it is on each of us to use this information for our own progress, our passions and our inevitable purpose. 

Yes yes yes we have certainly learned some wicked ways and means in how to cope, how to overcome and how to excel, despite the odds against us. We’ve learned how to fight back, how to call for help, and that we must choose our battles wisely. Yes media and movies and imaging has also taught us some defaults on how to navigate through this hot mess. However I am clear and convinced that the best way to move through life is to move with love. I even must unlearn ways I’ve been taught to move and groove through this life. I must unlearn things I’ve learned and I must rethink the way I handle all engagements. And still I must even a sure and affirm to myself that love is the answer. That means speak with love, act with love and decide with love… Even if it’s tough love that must be executed. 

Loving on Friday yours truly Relentless Aaron


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