Wup That Boy’s Butt Momma

      Sorry but I side with the mother. 

These aren’t rebels and this is no revolution. There’s no nationwide Civil Rights violation in effect and no law that embraces the same. This is something like in-fighting. 

Sure there are isolated incidents and some cops that are on the wrong jobs. Sure there are confrontations everyday and arguments and people who break the law and authorities who abuse their position. 

But the majority of our country is peopled by good, hard working, aspiring, progressive, God-fearing folk who want to live good and excel. 

It’s so easy to digress and to be the company that misery loves. It’s so easy to see the hole in the donut when your own chips are down or when we hurt or experience loss. It’s so easy to want to retaliate when someone has been assaulted or executed. Watch any mob story or hood tale, from Godfather to Boyz In Da Hood, there’s always revenge. But in those stories revenge is always messy. The thing is, those are stories that have been created. What’s happening today is a story that you’re creatING. And you have the choice to make it A positive outcome or a negative one. The kid in this video is not fighting for my rights and he’s not avenging anybody’s death. 

Many of the people out there rioting are disruptors. A number of them are troublemakers. You can call them “oppressed” if you want to… 

You teachers and preachers and Black historians can coddle them with your conscious, guidance counselor mittens if you want to… Two wrongs don’t make a right. Criminal activity is not the answer to criminal activity. Identify the specific source of the problem and address it civilly. Address it in democratic ways and means. The alternative is to act like a primitive, and animal, a rebel. And we’ve all seen what happens with rebels

Mother beats rioting son.

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