Shame On A Legend – Bill Cosby Dismantled

Bill-cosby_w504Let me say this though, I had fun with #TigerWoods and the whole answering machine scandal… My early days on Facebook/no strings, no holds barred... Every time a woman came out of the woodwork it was getting funnier and funnier. There have been stripper scandals on the West Coast on the East Coast and all parts in between. The preachers have been outed, the President has been outed, and celebrity sports stars fall weekly. But you who know me know that I really go hard when it comes to sexual crimes or battery & violence against women and boys. That's a whole different category from cheating on your spouse. #WoodyAllen: straight perverted; a pedophile who was saved by his fame and influence. #RKelly , perverted by way of his attraction to teenaged girls. I won't bash him for the pissing fetish since that seems to be a choice/get rained on or don't get rained on... A simple decision. I think anybody over age 10 knows better. And of course most recently #EddieLong who's money and influence also preserved him from backlash and legal action when outed as a homosexual who "raised" and prepped little Black boys until they were old enough to be his male lovers. These perversions are crimes against people who lose their best selves in the act. Of course WoodyAllen is set aside with his demented ass having married a young woman that he once bathed when she was a little girl. That shit is just special. And yet, as far as we know it's not right. It's the same thing with Long; they were of age and they had a choice to walk away.

They were intoxicated by the money and the influence and the fame and they fed into it; or should we say they signed up for it.

I say all of that to come to this point; Bill Cosby surely did not kill anyone. And his victims weren't under age. So I think the worst crimes on a hierarchy of crimes are out of the picture. But the thin line here is that while we know he abused his influence and fame, and while we know he committed adultery/cheating on his wife, those acts in and of themselves are not crimes. They are not violent, deviant behaviors that would leave a woman broken and scarred for life. On the other hand if you don't have thatcosby-story_650_011015050102 influence and you don't have authority or fame where are you can abuse your discretion, then all you have is drugging and taking sex from a woman without her knowledge. I believe the latter description would be a  violent crime if looked upon solely, that is without the prestige and the innate will power...

The lies and deception used to intoxicate a woman's desires are every day occurrences that go on with or without the woman's knowledge. It goes on in marriages and in average relationships.

It goes on in random encounters. But by far, lying is not illegal. Cat-fishing is not illegal. That's merely deception, and we see that 24/7 on TV as a legal activity. But let's be crystal clear to say that this is bigger than being deceptive or slick or conning a woman out of her pants; this is bigger than cat-fishing. This is the most inexcusable human assault. Theres murder, there's the physical attack, and then there's rape, in that order. But set aside the violation and the idea that human beings do this (sex) all the time/how it's natural and all that, this is so much more more like this is more of a problem in society where we get to choose who we persecute or hold accountable. Sure we persecute and hold accountable in sports but this is the most a human being can do to another, to have their way with another limp body, a body that cannot resist, defend itself or fight back. These women may as well have been corpses, except partially alive.

 So here we have a cocktail of fame, TV, movies, cartoons, books, relationships... All of that Bill Cosby bullshit-that Bill Cosby legend, all of that, and now overflow that cup of liquor with 3-parts drugs.

Now the fame got u in the door, got you into his mental stronghold... You're relaxed and impressed and he already know he can have you stand on your head if he asks. But why toil with rejection? Why risk his safe marriage? Why give you access to his wealth or you dragging him into court or you running your mouth and spreading rumors?

Just let Mr Jello Pudding have his way with your body/just because, and you'll never know what hit you. Carry on as you were.
bill cosby shame comedy tragedy rapeThis was "The Cosby Prescription," and I can see by the various comments and the arguments that so many of us don't want to believe it. We can't separate one part of his blueprint from the other? We look at him differently than most everyone else who does not have money and influence, simply because of his Goliath-sized fame? Do we give him a pass simply because he's a Black man and in the universe of wrongs done to Black men, maybe we deserve another opportunity to weasel out from under the throbbing thumb of persecution and conviction? Does Cosby represent us all, all the good we do on the surface of life and all the twisted thoughts we harbor within? So we deserve another OJ?

What, you believe Cosby is squeaky-clean? You believe ALL THESE WOMEN ARE LYING all because of your "Couldn't-buy-NBC-conspiracy-theories?" And how many rape victims are acceptable to you? One? Two?

Oh, so you just gonna toss Beverly Johnson's testimonial out the window as if she too din have a stellar career? As if she wants to "up her notoriety" because of this scandal? If you believe these things, maybe you should check your OWN state of mind, your beliefs and what impresses you. Maybe you should question your own ethics and conscience and moral codes. And sure I know I’m filthy, your filthy, we all got filth in our closet. Blah, blah , blah… that has nothing to do with this issue of being raped while under the influence. Like they say, NO MEANS NO. Except these victims had no option to say no. And yet some of us want THEM on trial. Family, It's not Cosby on trial folks, it's ALL OF US ON TRIAL, all of us being tested for our ability (or inability) to see through life's smoke and mirrors; for us to be able to swallow the pill of truth being handed to us. #dropsmic



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