We’re Still Twisted Over Cosby, OJ, Trump & Kanye. Me? I’m Kissing It Goodbye!

FAMILY, we have truly gone mad.

We will FIGHT ONE ANOTHER over someone else's hot mess, as if it's our own. It doesn't matter if they're innocent, guilty or if they were even in the state where the crime was committed. It seems we simply need something to argue about, to debate or to fight over.

This one is a rapist and because some of us take that buzzword
"rape" so personally, anyone who does not agree with us is our enemy. "This other one killed somebody, and there was a smoking gun. It was reported on the news": and since we find things in common with the victim and we are offended by the alleged killer, we immediately take sides. We become zealots. And anyone who disagrees with us is our enemy.

It seems that there is no safe place or safe zone where we can all agree. Even religion has its pros and cons; it's loves and hates. And let me not expound and go into politics!"

There comes a time when I just personally need to shutdown all of your voices, and I'll go to my little hole in the world where I'm most comfortable, and I'll write my fiction. Another way I release and disappear is to bury myself in my work; that is, the work I do for others. And of course there's always lovemaking or sex that can erase all else. And that's a vacation I like to take often!

I'm telling you that we are in afflicted people; guided by the 6 o'clock news, which is guided by the police, the same one's who are guided by, well, the news! And the news is now guided by the White House!

And err, isn't it "the news" and media organizations the collective that falsely reported the election results? And we're still following them? Still repeating what they promote?

If that is not the most twisted shit of this generation I don't know what is worse. I will say once and for all that I love you if you are connected to me. And the majority of you came to my doorstep to connect with me; I didn't come for you. My writing and my energy attracted you.  

You've watched me evolve, cope with challenges, brave the weather called life, and there's a few of you who have been generous and philanthropic. It didn't matter what my initiative was, you invested in me, and so It's important that I give back everyday. Its my own sense of responsibility.

And so to that end I'm grateful and humbled that you even found me interesting enough to hangout with, online or off. And quite frankly you know me more than you know any of these other people you argue about.

That said, while I maintain my own fight to find Olivia Pope, I am going to do my damnedest to stay positive and stay inspiring and stay progressive while sharing the jewels that I've learned and earned over the decades.

Peace and love and progress. Relentless.




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