Let's just say that I’m the one with a penchant for turning negatives into positives. And I’ve got a million Uber stories having driven 7500 rides, and thats not including Lyft or Postmates. And even as I transitioned from Uber to the Real Estate side of the "shared-space" lifestyle, I've earned all these stories I've gotta get out. So, more to come (to say the least). But let me tell you about this particular steamy evening that turned into my unforgettable adventure with Scarlett.

I picked up a breathtaking beauty named Scarlett, who had an aura of mystery around her. She was a TALL cup of coffee, just sculpted and captivating from head to toe. As I tried to keep my composure and eyes on the road, we cruised through the city, heading to the Suite Lounge. I was dying to engage more in our conversation, but she received a hushed call that sounded pretty intense. I couldn't help but eavesdrop.

Suddenly, Scarlett hung up and asked me to make a "quick stop" at the swanky stripclub known as The Blue Flame Lounge. I squeezed my eyes closed, caught between a rock and a hard place because I surely didn’t wanna go to, by or near the Blue Flame with all the shootings, robberies and mayhem that went on in, out and because of that club. But I was mezmerized by this woman, so much so I probably forgot my name. I pulled up to the entrance, and one of the club security opened the passenger door for Scarlett. I made my way out of the parking lot while she vanished inside, and I shot over to the Petro gas station, where I figured I’d get some gas while she was handling her business. My curiosity only grew as I awaited her call. Was she a stripper? Who was she meeting? WTH, I wanted to know what my future wife was up to!

She called to tell me she was ready and I circled back to Blue Flame to scoop her up. Scarlett pranced out of the club entrance; she was flushed and carrying a luxurious velvet bag. As we continued our journey towards The Suite Lounge, she accidentally spilled the bag's contents, revealing a jaw-dropping stack of money and diamond necklace!

Panicked, Scarlett confessed she had just encountered a notorious con artist who'd fooled her into a sham investment. Instead of wallowing in defeat, she had swiped the swindler's most prized possession as payback.

I’m like, “Waaaaah????” I could hardly catch my breath, and my foot consciously pressed harder on the accelerator. Was someone following us?

I continued, “Are you kidding me??? That just happened?”

She replied, “Receipts,” and gave me a good glance in to the velvet bag. But it wasn’t those jewels that caught my attention; Scarlet had leaned over into the front seat to show me “the bag” and all of her cleavage was a foot away from my eyes. The scent of her perfume and a hint of perspiration choked my senses.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the turn of events in our Uber ride. Sensing an opportunity to teach a valuable lesson, I persuaded Scarlett to return the goodies and report the con man to the authorities.

"Nah, they’d probably hurt me after all that. I’ll just keep it and take my chances,” she resolved.

Under my breath I said, “Damn I love this gangsta-b.”

When we pulled up to the parking lot across from Suite, I hopped out to open the door for Scarlet. She was a whole foot taller than me with those stilettos on. As she pulled her dress down and smoothed it along her curves, I took my chances.

“I feel like I’ve known you for years. I wanna hug you.”

Oh my God the hug, the exchange of phone numbers, the whole ride sent me into a euphoria. I wanted to quit driving for the night and get a drink, a cold shower, or something! Altho she never followed up on the calls or texts in the days to follow, Scarlet left an impression on my whole soul. My Uber escapade had become a memorable tale of caution and just the dream new beginnings. Will she call back? Would I be her next victim?

The thought got me excited and put me straight to sleep that night with fantasies of Scarlet, how we suddenly became Bonnie and Clyde only in the hood, with me the professional driver. I know Uber was gonna be big for me, if only in my dreams.

More of my scandalous capers and life-changing opportunities to come. You never know what might happen on a ride with the wise, the witty, the Relentless one! #UberAdventures #RelentlessTimes  #FromScandalToSuccess #Uberriffic

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