Imagination vs Artificial Intelligence. Who You Got?

There’s a buzz in certain circles that the so-to-speak “Real Artists” of the world are feeling threatened and are calling for enforcement of this ever-expanding AI technology. 

And not only is this not possible thanks to things like decentralization and freedom of speech, but too, it sounds catty, or cry-babyish, where we’re crying out loud for help where there is nobody to answer. As a novelist and creative myself, I want to encourage everyone in the AI community, regardless of their background or experience, to focus on continuous learning and development. Here are some tips that can help you gain recognition as a valued contributor to the AI community:

  1. Focus on a specific area of AI: Choose a particular area of AI that interests you and dive deep into it. This can help you gain expertise and specialize in a particular field, making you a valuable resource to the community.
  2. Collaborate with others: Collaboration is key to advancing the field of AI. Reach out to others in the community, participate in online forums, attend conferences and events, and engage in collaborative projects to build your network and advance your skills.
  3. Stay up-to-date: AI is a rapidly evolving field, and it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends. Read research papers, attend workshops, and engage with others in the community to keep your knowledge current.
  4. Share your work and knowledge: Sharing your work and knowledge with others in the community can help you build a reputation as a valuable contributor. Write blog posts, give presentations, and engage with others online to share your ideas and insights.
  5. Participate in open-source projects: Contributing to open-source AI projects can help you gain practical experience, collaborate with others, and build your reputation within the community.
  6. Attend AI conferences and events: Attending AI conferences and events can provide you with valuable opportunities to network, learn from experts, and showcase your work.

Bottom line here, at least from THIS creative, I will NEVER be concerned about anyone eating off my plate because the plate is big enough for everyone. Plus my heaviest skillset is my imagination. And that's UNTOUCHABLE. So focus on continuous learning and development, collaborating with others, staying up-to-date with the latest advances, sharing your work and knowledge, participating in open-source projects, and attending AI conferences and events, you can build a reputation as a valuable contributor to the ever-growing AI community.


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