Peace-TranquilityMaybe it’s just me but every Sunday I wake up and I get to my computer only to see more death and mayhem and disarray in the world. All I can do is post SMH because these are situations that I could never directly have a hand in and which can never directly feed into my peace of mind. I didn’t feel I needed to go “to the club” to be “around others” and so I didn’t get caught up in some gunfight. I didn’t feel the need to take a random drive down I 20 and so that wasn’t me in the multi-car accident fueled by a DWI. Ooh, and (in this day and time) I didn’t feel like joining a prayer group in church that I might get caught up in some random gunman’s vengeance. More people. more problems!

So much random violence and mayhem in the world and we can’t/don’t want to run or hide from it, so what is the answer? You’re not even safe in church anymore? You’re not safe in the movie theater anymore? In recent history there was even a gun man who took lives in some local LA fitness. And even if you are safe and insulated its your work environment or your siblings and love ones to be concerned about. Hey! I din sign up for this! My rah-rah days are OVER! They were limited when they peaked, but today I don’t need to do high-speed on a motorcycle. I don’t need to pack a pistol, and I don’t even feel the need to talk tough. My life is about passion these days. Progress. And Purpose.
But let me be balanced and also say this; if you tweak and adjust your eyesight ears and your mindset you can in fact absorb and receive the goodness. surplus and blessings in life. Is it just me? Or have you also stretched your boundaries and looked outside of your circle to find the joys in other peoples lives. They are enjoying themselves and their families and their livelihoods, and they are living and breathing and progressing. Yes there are many who live in gated communities however others live gated lifestyles. Still, others gate their minds and turn their backs on all of it unless it supports or affects them directly. Because I know so many people on so many different levels in life it affords me the diversity of thought and experience and wisdom, enough to speak on it and relay my feelings. I say all that to say I feel your pain and I see your misery, but I choose to live a life of peace, progress and prosperity. Whatever it takes to do that, I am down for it. And whatever it takes to convey that to others I am down for it. I don’t need the relationship if I recognize the red flags. And I don’t need the thrill if it’s not becoming or contributing to my purpose. I am down for peace of mind. Be Blessed.


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