Remaining Relevant in the Slushpile of Storytellers

vivica foxI recently pulled up the #VivicaFox photo because she recently became relevant in the media (again). This time, she (basically) labeled rapper 50Cent in a comment made on a national late-nite TV show. Altho her comments were confused and she contradicted herself/adding that she had a good time with him (when they were together). In other words, “he was just fine when he was with me,” Really, she just put her foot in her own mouth, because the rapper got back at her TOO fast. [You’ll hafta Google that/it’s not that real;event to this post.] This post tho, (my post) is about remaining relevant in an otherwise busy, confusing world of messaging and commerce. Ideas and life’s algorithms are the pulses that drive consumers these days, unless you’re spending loads of money on advertising.  So then, if you’re not spending the dough, the easiest way is to weigh-in on the relevant conversation of the moment. One moment theres a shooting on a campus, and the next a star football player knocks out a woman in a strip club. So, 1) its inexpensive to get your voice into the equation./frere. And 2) hopefully the subject is one you have experience with. In THIS instance, I certainly DO have connectivity (to both parties) and then there’s the subject hee-haw… wrote about that in the Extra Marital Affairs novel. Meanwhile, anytime a celebrity or other well-known personality or brand becomes big news, you essentially get some of the “spillage” (of exposure/ofinterest/of followers when you weigh in, if indeed what you share has value. In this instance its just the photo. I don’t necessarily want to speak on the subject here. (Maybe another time.)

So, check out some of my commentaries (about exposure & Riding The Tiger) early on when I originally posted this photo:

Many of us (authors) are in “fake it ’till you make it” zone. We run up to a celeb, with our book, hoping to get a picture (with them and the book) in hopes others will see the pic and assume our work is affirmed and official. Nothing wrong with that, since so many of us don’t necessarily have the resources to get the push we often need to market and promote our work. So go ahead, get into a photo with a celebrity and it can help to affirm your value/even if you’re still trying to create or manufacture that. Thing is, if you can, try substantial efforts that connect you with celebrities. This way, you won’t look like a lame duck when someone asks: “How’d you meet them?”
This picture with Vivica Fox is taken at a golf event/one that I played in with Katt Williams & Malik Yoba, some years back, b4 the major book & movie deals. I have Victoreyah Watson and Shana Mac to thank for this encounter. Life: its about RELATIONSHIPS.

 — with Shana Mac and Victoreyah Watson at Conyers Square Starbucks.

Up until an hour ago, YEARS after I posted the photo, the comments still come in:

Wakiem Freeman The average don’t understand. Myself, I don’t go after photo. Last artist I meet was Miguel. I go off memory.

Relentless Aaron

Relentless Aaron (Twighlight Zone Theme here) “I go off memory” whats that mean, sir

Dave L Wiseman

Dave L Wiseman My man……..a hustler breed…..always 100……

Wakiem Freeman

Wakiem Freeman Simple. I will always remember the encounter. No need for me to ask for photo.

Relentless Aaron

Relentless Aaron oh. gotcha. Well thats a substantial position to take. Less-superficial. And yet, “branding successfully” requires many levels of “strategic alliances” and “riding the tiger.” Some authors are familiar with these terms. Others are not. They simply print and sell. 360-marketing is sometimes necessary when you don’t have the marketing budget and or know-how in getting your books recognized and purchased. In the instance relating to this photo with Vivica, she’s been in over a billion dollars worth of movies. She’s highly recognizable. I was floored when she made the grab for my book and held it up proudly. You WANT that type of promotion for a novel.

Brandon Hardison

Brandon Hardison Very nice person who was willing to help the bebies ina group that I was working with. You have it relationships Relentless, hope that you are feeling better.

Denise Burrows

Denise Burrows very true and maintaining those connections

Author Press

Author Press great advice. any advice on publishing? i have a manuscript that I just completed

Relentless Aaron

Relentless Aaron You should publish and sell it yourself Press Bfent Moss You’ve already got a brand (your first name). Run with it

Author Press

Author Press Ure the truth…

Elliott Kennedy
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Renita M. Walker
Renita M. Walker Needed to hear this. Headed to meet Jeezy tomorrow with book in hand!
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