11850463_10153409542530733_9145832141059155761_oThe things you find sleeping outside of your place of business/early in the morning, not a worry in the world… Reminds me of my years being the first to walk thru the doors of Starbucks.

Sometimes I din have a dollar in my pocket, bank account overdrawn, gas tank on “E” part of this new community (new to me) praying for my downfall, wondering where this life of mine was going, how I could keep my legacy relevant in an otherwise “ratchet” world.

But something in me provides the “push” I needed to provide for myself w/o stealing or hurting anyone, to affect someone else’s life w/o coming off condescending, to excel in an industry that demands shock value and peril and pain… How did I survive? How did I get over? How did I overcome when all the odds seemed to be weighing against me? How? In my heart I knew I was a winner. In my history was a track recording of references that supported the “wealth” of energy and achievement in my life. And while I “knew” I deserved, while I “expected” that success was mine to claim, life required that I DO THE WORK. Life demanded that I MAINTAIN THE MARCH. And if I was to earn a “legacy” I would need to do whatever necessary to HANDLE THE CHALLENGES that came at me. To date I can make a list of a dozen millionaires who now contract me on a consistent basis to contribute to their world, their business and their bottom line.

I don’t know that this is the biggest part of my life, but I do know it feels great to be of service to others.

And after all, what else is there? And so if you’re out there on your last leg… If you’ve been questioning “what is it all about?” and BY GOD, if it seems that you’ve got some of the most insurmountable challenges knocking at your door, knocking you around, or knocking you down, then BY GOD, live by these following words; I shared them already: DO THE WORK! MAINTAIN THE MARCH!!! HANDLE THE CHALLENGES!!!
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